Accountants are needed to manage all financial transactions. They provide accurate quantitative information in financial position, liquidity and cash flows of businesses. They compile and analyze data, assist with budgets and financial forecasting, they record transaction statemates, while ensuring the business is compliant with tax regulations. They also report their findings to management and investors.


An Account Officer is needed, one who works efficiently and effectively. One who is able to multitask, provide complete reports to management, and work on large data. He should have an excellent knowledge of accounting law regulations, a qualified auditor, good computer skills and the ability to communicate properly.

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Furthermore, the account officer should have solid presentation skills, he should be professional, and analytical, honest and times conscious.


  • Maintaining accurate financial records
  • Presenting data to managers, investors and other entities
  • Keeping abreast with current legislation as it relates to accounting and financial regulations
  • Performing audits and resolving discrepancies
  • Compiling, analyzing and reporting financial data
  • Computing taxes and assisting management in the decision making process.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting law regulations
  • Special licenses or certification may be required
  • Hands-on experience with accounting software is an added advantage
  • Advanced MS Excel skills
  • Ethical behavior of understanding of accounting financial processes and its mathematics