Adobe PDF Guide Learn everything You Can do with PDF

Adobe PDF Guide- everything you wanted to do with PDFs

Adobe PDF Guide:Because most computer and a mobile device can easily open a PDF file now it can share the document as the layout and formatting. Because is preserved across all platform using Adobe PDF Guide.

It also allows you to translate PDF file from one language to another using Google translate.

Choose the destination language and push the translate button. Go to Although the formatting won’t is preserved.

Now am going to show you everything you wanted to do with Adobe PDF Guide.

  1. How can I edit a PDF document? Very simple, there is a workaround tool to help you edit PDF files. But PDF files are the essentially read-only document.
  2. The easiest way to extract text from a scanned PDF document and use it in a Word document? Upload the scanned PDF document to Google Docs, select the option that says “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents” and then choose File – Download as Word to save the extracted text. Alternatively, you can download FreeOCR, a Windows-only app for extracting text from PDF.

You can easily extract text from regular PDFs using the text selection tool in Adobe Reader but for scanned PDFs, Google Docs OCR is a good choice.

  1. You have a restricted PDF document that neither allows printing nor can I select text from the PDF. Can these restrictions be removed? Without requiring any passwords, You can use online services like or to remove all common restrictions around  Adobe PDF Guide file.
  2. Some PDF files on our intranet are password-protected and the employee who created those PDFs is no longer with the company. How can we open these PDFs? The PDF Unlocked app from tries to guess passwords for your PDF using the Brute Force algorithm. There are several workarounds to help you open password protected PDFs.
  3. How can I apply annotations or add text notes to my PDF documents? Go to the View menu and choose Annotations under the Comments menu. The toolbox has tools for highlighting text; you can add text blocks, create freehand drawings or even add sticky notes to the document.

You can use the free Adobe Reader app, available for both Mac and Windows, to annotate and comment inside PDF files.

  1. How can I fill Adobe PDF Guide forms online without Adobe Reader? PDF Filler will convert your PDF form into images and the user can type right on top of these images. the images and user text are combined into a single image When you have filled the form and are ready to print.
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The other good option is that  is free as well go to PDF Filler, upload the PDF form and start typing. You can even pull PDF forms from your Dropbox or Google Drive.

  1. How can I add my signature or even watermarks to a PDF document? Now open Adobe Reader and choose Tools – > Place Signature. Copy-paste that signature image anywhere on the PDF page. You can use the same technique to insert watermarks inside the PDF.

But you must first draw your signature in paint or if you have a photo editor you can use it and save it as an image before you can use your adobe reader.

  1. How can I protect my PDF documents with a password? Upload the PDF file to, set a security password and export it as PDF again.
  2. How do I embed PDF files on my blog? Upload the PDF file to Google Docs and then embed it in your web pages using the Google Docs Viewer.

I hope this info was a great help to you?