Airmore For Android: Download Airmore for wireless File Transfer

Airmore For Android: Download Airmore for wireless File Transfer

When it comes to transferring your digital files through wireless means that is what Airmore for Android does best. The app allows users to transfer files from their PC to Mobile devices without stress. It places priority in safe and easy file transfer.

This app came with support for secure and easy streaming of files in the place of the old manual files transfer system to your PC.

More Features Of Airmore For Android

This app has a large support for wide range of files formats. You can use this app to transfer TXT FILES, PPT FILES, PDF FILES, EPUD FILES DOC, XLS and more.

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The user can also create new folders with this app. creating folders will make organizing your files easy and simple.

File transfer has never been this easy and wonderful. This app spares users of the stress of manual file transfer and the effects that come along side. The app is a simple one and rated high for your everyday use.

Intuitive Interface

The interface of Airmore For Android is easy to use by all. You can rely on this app for easy navigation. The interface and usage do not require one to be tech guru before the he/she can make headway with the app.

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On the interface, you will see scanner, tethering, files, hotspot, apps, flashlight, disconnect or connect.

Download Airmore For Android

To get this wonderful app running on your device, you will firstly need to download the app. To download Airmore to your device, click here.

If you have any reservation or further question as regard this app, I will advise you drop a comment with us in our comment box.

This app will certainly help users to transfer digital files wireless without strain or stress and avoid file loss from the manual transfer.