Apple ID: How to Create an Apple ID without using a Credit Card

Apple ID: How to Create an Apple ID without using a Credit CardIn this brief tutorial, we will show you

  • The easy way to create an Apple ID for the US or UK iTunes Apps Store.
  • Method of Installing Apps That Aren’t Available in your Country’s iTunes Store.
  • How to create Apple ID without Store and as well not entering your credit card or PayPal information.
  • How to get Apple ID for the US or UK iTunes Apps Store without entering your credit card or PayPal information.

Recently, Apple how has restructured the availability of some apps in accordance with geo location. What this means is that there are some apps that are up for download in the US and UK iTune store that are not available in the India Store of ITunes.

For instance , Google Earth, iBooks, and podcasts for example, are available as free downloads in the iTunes Apps store of US and UK and not available in some nations iTunes store; meaning that for you to download this  Apps, you need a UK or US based Apple ID to install them on to your iPad or Phone.

This work will show you how to get multiple Apple IDs – like one for UK and another one for US Apps Store – as well as how you can successfully switch between this Apple IDs while inside iTunes.

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Let us say you are based in India, and signed in with your India Apple IDS,  it is now easy for you to change to US store,  and easily log in  with your US based Apple ID so you can successfully download the app that are absent in your  Indian Apps Store.

Methods of  creating Apple ID for US iTunes Store

Remember here that Apple requires you to key in your credit card as well as billing address of your card and of your country, each time you need a new Apple ID, what this literarily mean is that for you to have a US Apple ID, your must have a US based credit card or PayPal account marked for US iTunes Store. So to create Apple ID, Apple needs you to make available payment information.

To overcome this huddle, all we need to do is take an alternate not-so-obvious route in iTunes to create an Apple ID for any country without requiring a credit card for the new country you want an Apple ID from. Here’s how:

How to Create Apple ID in iTunes not using Credit Card

Simply open your iTunes software from your computer ↦ Logout the formal Apple ID ↦ Next you select Store in the software menu ↦then click Logout. With that done, move to the bottom of the iTunes page ↦ select Change Country ↦ Choose any country from those available in which you  intend to an Apple ID on.

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Note that you can still choose flag as flags also represents country in the list. With that done, select Apps Store inside iTunes ↦ choose any app that is free ↦ click the Get button to enable you download the said App.

After you’re true with that, iTunes will require you now to key in  your Apple ID as well as your password ↦ remember not too enter your old Apple ID rather select Create Apple ID button ↦ select the  terms & conditions box ↦ input your email address &amp password and minimum age.

If you got it to this stage, I will like to give you credit here because we are close to the end of this whole thing Next is for you to move over to the Payments page ↦ on the payment screen, go to the option that reads  NONE ↦ click right on the None option ↦here, just key in any dummy postal address ↦ then click on the submit button.

This will automatically create a fresh Apple ID that bears the designation iTunes store of the country you selected earlier.

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