Auto YouTube Downloader and How It Works

Auto YouTube Downloader and How It Works.

The era of hitches in downloading YouTube video is over with the coming of Auto YouTube Downloader. You don’t need to keep streaming video all the time online as you can now download them for offline streaming.

There are different options of going about YouTube Video Download with the likes of Tubemate and keepvid raising the competition on Auto YouTube downloader.

Features of Auto YouTube downloader

The following are the features user of the tool stands to benefit from

  1. This tool allows user manage videos with its inbuilt video manager. With this manager, you can get duration, frame rate, resolution, and view time and files sizes o of the videos, bitrates, and ability to convert the video or audio to other formats.
  2. One of the features I love about this auto downloader is the conversion ability. The user can convert videos from MP4, 3PG, and Mav without stress. With this conversion, users can convert to any format their devise can play. So users have the option of choosing from MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, 3PG.
  3. If you are using the app, you can choose to make your videos be in a mobile viewing format of MP4 OR 3PG. This formats works well on PSP, PDA, iPhone, and other mobile device. You can convert on downloading at once.
  4. Smooth download; if there is anything users of Auto download will enjoy, it is smoothness in download. With this app fully installed on your PC, all you have to do is to get the video url from YouTube, paste them into the search box, the run it to download of YouTube video of choice.
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To get this app running, click here to download.

The app also got support for youtube, vimeo, and other video streaming sites.

The app is built flash which helps user to take a glimpse of what the video looks like.

Check it out today…

There is no limit to what you can do with this app. The software is supported by Window XP, Window Vista, window 7 and 10. It only requires 17 MB of your disk space to run.

The good news is that this app is free, and supported by browsers; Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome, opera mini and UC Browser.

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