Block Unwanted Contacts on Whatsapp

 Block Unwanted Contacts on Whatsapp now to avoid those unwanted persons from your chat list.

Whatsapp, your best social media outfit internationally known for its free messenger where users can chat with friends and family, send location, share video and voice messages, send and receive emojis and emoticons, and lots more.whatsapp Whatsapp registration is done using your contact list; all members of your contacts that are on Whatsapp automatically become your friends as they are added to your Favorite column.

It now means that you can send and receive short messages from these numbers without any other process of adding friends. Whatsapp syncs your address book or your mobile contact list which means you can start to chat with the user if he or she is on WhatsApp.

Some questionable persons take advantage of this by adding up any mobile number to their phone book and start sending spam and annoying messages to those contacts; just because no request or acceptance of request is done on WhatsApp as obtained on other social media apps.

You can actually stop these spam and annoying WhatsApp messages by blocking the said contact that sends those. Below are the step-by-step to blocking and unwanted contact from your contact list in other for you to stop receiving abusive content from that user.

How to Block unwanted Contacts on Whatsapp

  • Firstly, you will need to lunch your WhatsApp application, and then find that contact you want to block from your contact list.
  • Click on the particular contact in other to open the previous conversation with the said contact you want to block.
  • Press your phone menu on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Check your list of drop down Menu, press on more and then press Block.
  • Whatsapp will send a confirmation message asking if you truly want to block the said contact. Just simply press ok to Block the contact from your contact list.
  • With this done, the said number will not be able to connect you whenever he or she tries to send annoying and spam messages to you via WhatsApp.
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Those of you using  Android devices can get unwanted numbers blocked by  going to settings on your WhatsApp messenger and click account , then on Account window click on privacy and click on block contacts now, here is what you need to do is check at the top right corner, click on the add icon,  this time, choose the particular contact you want to block or if you want to add more contacts, you can do so here and you will have all of them blocked from accessing you via WhatsApp messenger. Hope it helped?