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Cinemanow Media Manager | Cinemanow Review | Www.Cinemanow.Com:  Cinema Now is an online TV streaming service with streaming library and permit streaming via multiple platform including apps.

You can rely on cinemaNow for those your favorite series and episodes and be rest assured to catching up with your choice series.

With cinemaNow, you can never be disappointed when it comes to streaming your choice series.

History of CinemaNow.

The service started up with its digital movie series in the year 1999. It was later given an edge to compete with brands when Best Buy acquired this internet TV site.

It was formally focused on pay-per-view movie option, but has now moved up that users can now catch up on any latest TV series not minding the network airing.

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Feature & Services.

All users of TV cinemaNow will need to sign up with the service.  Users having an account are not actually charged on the usual monthly based payment option.

Unlike Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more, users on these services are made to buy each latest episode for $1.99 or $2.99 for HD option.

Viewing Option.

The major edge this brand has is the ability users has to stream and watch movie series using wide range of options—Roku, Smart TV, game consoles, Apps, computers, Mobile phones and more.

The service has a strong and rich streaming Library even as most users use them as supplement to other services due to the payment option − users have to buy any series they are to watch.

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If you can afford the payment option, you wouldn’t have any reason to regret because cinemaNow is rich in its streaming Library content and smooth in its services mostly in the area of new series and shows.

Cinemanow Personal Profile.

There is no much option when it comes to profile settings. The two options left is just parental control and option of TV series you are to keep.

Help & Support

Among internet TV streaming services providers, Cinema now has a higher hand in terms of support and its FAQ page.

It provides chat, phone number and email support for its clients.

The chat might record a slow response, but the representatives are great and competent hands.