How to Customize Your Gmail Background – Get This Gmail Tip

How to Customize Your Gmail Background – Get This Gmail Tip

Gmail email is a leading email service both in service and in its designs. This webmail service provider runs on a free service and is open to all.

The challenge is that each time we set up a Gmail Email account, we fail to take advantage of the HD themes made available by Google. So many of us don’t know that there are themes lined up there for free activation.

When Gmail introduced the new design in November, it brought alongside HD themes for users. The interesting part of it is that you can edit the themes to suit your present taste. With this, users can now choose how their Gmail background world look like.

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So the next time you log on to your Gmail account, always remember that you can redesign the look of your Gmail. We have over the years formed the habit of using the default theme not knowing we could get something juicer. This is while we choose to put up this article to show you how to customize your Gmail Background without stress.

How to Customize Your Gmail Background

The process of changing your Gmail background is simple to go by. I will give you the simple walkthrough that will help you achieve that in one minute.

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Remember that you can achieve this using the HD themes from Gmail or choose to use your own photo.

Step 1

Simply click on the Gear icon in your Gmail account. Select “Themes”.

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of that page to select either “Dark” or “Light” that is located under “Custom Themes”.

If you take a close look, you will also see the option of Uploading photos from “My photos” in your Google Plus. Users can as well upload from their Android phone or choose to upload using the URL option.

Hope it was helpful?