Evernote Web Clipper | Evernote Download And How To Use Evernote

Evernote Web Clipper | Evernote Download And How To Use Evernote.

Evernote stands as an online and offline solution to note creation from a piece or formatted text, photograph, voice note, full and excerpted webpage, hand written notes and more.

Each note created using Evernote, whether on an app or the web as Evernote Web Clipper can also have files attached to them. Users can choose to add notebooks to pile up notes.

Another great part of Evernote is that it allows users to manage their notes in terms of tagging, annotating, searching, giving comments, editing and exporting as a notebook.

This service is a cross-platform service as it can be accessed using; Android, Microsoft windows, windows phones, blackberry 10, webOS, iOS, OS x, chrome OS and more.

You can choose to change device and be able to continue from where you stopped using another device.

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Evernote comes in a freemium and premium (Evernote business) package even if the freemium users are restricted in more areas. What is means is that the service is available for free online to a certain limit while paid users get no limit on Evernote. Your can access your Evernote Web Clipper when you are on the web platform.

Note that Evernote Web Clipper is available to both free and paid users alike

The Evernote premium users are entitled to no limit in the area of monthly upload and more. They get prompt recognition of words written inside images, increased security to files, PDF annotation, a context where all notes and news publications can be seen and an easy search for text inside PDF documents.

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Users of Evernote can choose to add images from their cameras add voice record note and have the text written on their images captured by Evernote by an OCR and Evernote annotate feature.

Handwritten works from touch screen are also recognized by Evernote.

Evernote now has web plugins for most browsers (chrome, Opera, Uc browser and more) with which users can Evernote web clipper and save the entire web page for future use. This service is similar to Instapaper.

These files stored on your Evernote account can be emailed, and notes can be emailed to your Evernote account using email rule filters.

You can choose to share some of the files with to users of Evernote for their editing and viewing purpose.

Evernote has integration with Twitter which allows users to store or forward their tweets to their Evernote account using a twitter-capable device.

Another good part of evernote.com is the ability to sync files across devices not minding their OS and platform.

This service is available both on the Evernote app and web platform. You can choose to download the Evernote software for the offline use of Evernote. To do this, You must firstly set up your Evernote account online.

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How to Sign up Evernote | Evernote Sign In  Sign Up process. Evernote Web Clipper.

To sign up Evernote, go www.evernote.com, click the signup button. when you are through with that, enter your details as may be required by the service. then click create Account to sign up with Evernote.com services.

Evernote Download.

To download the latest version of Evernote, follow the guide below.

To download Evernote for windows click here.

To Download Evernote for Ubuntu click here.

To Download Evernote app for Android tablet and phone click here

To Download Evernote for iPhone and iMac click here.

To download Evernote for Mac PC click here.

To download Evernote for Windows phone click here.

Third-party agreements.

Evernote has some unofficial third-party clients; Peoples note, Nixnote, Ploze, Geeknote and ever pad for those on Linux and Ubuntu service.

Evernote acquisition of Skitch.

Evernote acquired Skitch in 2011. With Skitch, users that have their devices running on OS x, iOS, Windows 8 and 10, as well as android can add shape and text to their images before sharing them online. These images can as well be converted to different image formats.

Evernote.com also runs partnership with Samsung, Post-it note, Tele fonica Digital, EverNote Moleskine and Adonit.