Facebook for Android: Download Facebook For Android Now

Facebook for Android: Download Facebook For Android Now

Facebook.com remains the official web page of Facebook on the web. But when using your phones or tablet, the best means of accessing your Facebook page is via Facebook for Android app. This app is a simple one that allows users to login in to access their Facebook account, post update, share file (photo, videos and URL ), comment on friends updates and more.

We will base this work strictly on Facebook for Android app. If you are using phones or tablets that are running on android, then an article is for you.

What You Can Do With Facebook For Android App.

Account setup and Update

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This allows new users to sign up Facebook and existing users can just sign in Facebook. This app enables users to update and view other user’s updates and profile.

Instant Messaging

One of the most important use of the app is for instant messaging, users receives notification of any activity and action performed on the persons Facebook account.

You now have access to chat with friends, spice up your chat with smileys, emoji and emoticons of choice. Users can also choose to transfer files via their Facebook apps.

Game and Application

Facebook like every other game sites now allows users to play games and use applications with friends online. Users can invite their friends to play online games using their app and share their scores as well.

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Facebook Groups and Page

This app lets users create Facebook group and Facebook page. You can create this micro unit group or pages and get those you want to be part of the page or group invited.

This app works smoothly on your tab and mobile phone. It runs on several worlds’ languages.

Download Facebook App for Android

This app can be downloaded to your device by clicking here.

Hope it helps?