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Firefox Download :: Mozilla Firefox Download | Mozilla Firefox Free Download: Mozilla Firefox is a speedy browser that comes with lots of mind-blowing features. Mozilla is well known for its high rating in the area of security and privacy. The app comes with a beautiful design in terms of the look and can be personalized to suit your own taste.

All Mozilla app comes with clear social media integration. This allows users to sync data and information, developers can use the tools available, and the biggest of them all is that each Firefox download apps come with an inbuilt video and voice calling features.

To download Firefox, Click Here.

I call Firefox the first choice when it comes to browser rating. Just like chrome, Firefox comes handy in the area of innovation and tech branding.

When you carry out a Firefox download, you rest assured of clear protection to those data you key in on a daily bases.

Mozilla Firefox Add-On:: Firefox Download And Add-Ons

Add-ons make Firefox rich in terms of value delivery. Users can now carry out Firefox download and download lots of add-ons to suite their day to day needs.

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To makes user’s time on chrome worthwhile, Mozilla team raised the standard for add-on development when it introduces certification to add-on developers to ensure proper and secured add-ons for users.

This move was aimed at reducing virus and malicious add-ons from the list of add-ons.

Firefox Hello feature in Firefox Download

This is one of the new techs that Firefox has brought in; the ability to use an inbuilt video and voice calling features.

Just Skype, Viber and Wechat, Firefox users can now use Firefox Hello feature to start seeing their far-off friends.

The feature is in partnership with a Spanish-based tech outfit. That will helps user connect with themselves without setting up new account.

To join lots of users of this new dawn, move on to click the smiley face button on the left side of your browser toolbar, with that done, go on to click the  Start a Conversation button to get started.

Automatically, your chat box will open at the lower end of your browser window alongside your own webcam displayed image.

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This service allows you to carry out multiple chat at same time. When you are on chat, you can switch on and off your mic, you can share your browser pages with friends online, chat with clear security and more.

Better Privacy and password security on Firefox Download

Each password saved on firefox is automatically encrypted, users can choose to user a master password features as well.

Yes! Your passwords are encrypted. But not saved in a cloud format or storage facility except you choose to use the Firefox sync feature to do so which remains optional.

  How To Go About Mozilla Firefox Download | Mozilla Firefox Free Download

To download Firefox is quite easy. Simply log on to the official web page of Mozilla (to download Firefox, click here), click on download.

Note: You can choose to download the app or download it on line.

Allow the completion of the installation process, and then you are good to go. Welcome to the world of Mozilla Firefox. Hope this help? Share with friends.