Gmail Inbox Notifier: Get Your Google Email Delivered To Your Desktop

Gmail Inbox Notifier: Get Your Google Email Delivered To Your Desktop.

To keep your eyes on your incoming emails when using desktop or laptop is always a big hurdle to overcome due to lack of presence of real-time notification on your desktop.  This is where Gmail Inbox Notifier comes handy. This simple software gives the needed reminder you need each time to get a mail on your Gmail account.

It weighs just 500 KB and it does not require your setup. It is an auto-start app that gets users reminded each time there is a new message in their inbox.

How Gmail Inbox Notifier Works.

The operation of this piece of software is simple. It displays it works on the notification zone and pops up any new mail notification as they arrive at your mail box. It delivers this with a sound each time mail drops in your inbox.

This piece of software is the toast of the day and works with your PC without causing any harm to your hardware.

Features Of Gmail Inbox Notifier.

Users can choose to opt out of the mail sound.

Users get instant access to Google services when using Gmail Inbox Notifier. It is free to download software as well as the usage.

It come with a fast check and composes email option.

It is simply built strictly for Gmail services.

With this software, you can keep an eye on your Gmail email box and get those emergency email and as respond to them.

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You can setup time you want to access and check your mails with Gmail Inbox Notifier. There is option you can pick up amongst the list made available, ranging from one to 60 minute set up by defaults.

Remember you don’t need installations as the software functions as window auto start option available.

Click here to download now.