Mail Merge Gmail and how it works, Easy steps to Mail Merge

Mail Merge Gmail and how it works, Easy steps to Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a special Gmail feature that allows Gmail email users to send personalized to lots of contacts in one go. Mail merge works like magic; as it permits you to send the same message to multiple clients but with variance when it comes to names, city, and greeting, as well of variance on their postal addresses. This tutorial is a walkthrough on how you can use your Gmail email, Google Spreadsheet, and Google drive to send a customized message to multiple contacts. The good part of mail merge is that it makes each of the email unique to the recipients without them knowing that the email was sent to multiple recipients. How do I mean? For instance, you having multiple clients you are to send similar email messages to, you can customize your mail merge to send to the entire contacts one email but addressing them differently in the area of their names, city, time and probably greetings.

What mail merge does is that;

  • It allows you to send mail to a group of people in one go.
  • It is free for up to 100 email a day.
  • It uses multiple variables and more.

Some people will ask “when do I need to use mail merge”?  Mail merge will serve when you are having to say;

  • Functions at home
  • Get together for organizations,
  • Official meetings,
  • College outing,
  • Sudden call for a large gathering meetings and an invitation to a large audience.

How does Mail merge works

  1. Firstly you will need to prepare the email message that you want to pass across, you can attach files to the mail. These files could include inline images, animated GIFs, and make your message stand out with rich-text formatting.
  2. Create the contact list you want to send the mail to.
  3. Depending on the label you want to create, you can note them down in your email compose page. Let’s say you have a label for Subject, you will need to address your subject as e.g. “ New date with {{First Name}}”
  4. Create Merge Template menu: Open the column headers and fill them with the labels like the email address, the name of the recipients, time, salutation, city and more. You delete the existing columns or add more.
  5. Go to add-ons, click on click on get Add-ons, go to the search box and type “yet another mail merge”, then install the add-ons
  6. Go to the Import Google Contacts menu and fetch any of the contacts list group into Mail Merge. This saves time but you can also write the first name, email addresses and other details of the recipients manually in the Mail Merge sheet.
  7. If you wish to add unique attachments for your recipients, you can add them in the File Attachments column. Go to Google Drive, right-click a file and choose to Get Link to copy the URL of that file that can paste into the sheet. You can include multiples files too but remember to separate the file URLs by a comma.
  8. When you run a mail merge, it will send all the mails immediately. However, you also have the option to schedule emails and the program will automatically send them later. To schedule an email, go to the Scheduled Date column and insert the date and time when you wish to schedule that particular email. Use the dd/mm/yy hh:mm format. You can as well add your name or the name of the organization in the sender’s space before you send.
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When you are done with the process, all the address you have enlisted are going to get that same email addresses to their names, in with the probably separate time you have a place, and variance in their postal addresses, city, and greeting. Hope this was handy, drop your views in our comment box and a like on our Facebook page will be a welcome idea.