GMAIL REVIEW: What You Need To Know About Www.Gmail.Com

Now instant messaging social networking and group video chat now available at has an elegant and simple well understanding interface and keyboard shortcut are remarkably cleaver and speedy operation with it.

With the useful result of boast and search box make it the smarts of common web search. With the understanding of spellings checking and the remarkably suggestion and understanding of synonyms, makes it the best among all other web searches.

Conversation: You can now quickly see if somebody has replied the mail you’ve sent with the good identification. The relationship between mails to construct “conversation” allows this to happen quickly with the given of “stars” for quick flagging, and its free from color label. This can work wonders to organize your inbox. Is it that not wonderful?

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Now let’s talk about the inbox. You can break out some types of messages-Ads, newsletters, and you don’t need to set your filters manually.

But you can separate your email online in either Google talk or, you can reply back from, with indexed and archived conversation.

And turning email into Google calendar is very easy, and you can get their latest share content next to email and automatic update or people on Google plus.

Storage and Access To Gmail via POP and IMAP Online.

The 15mGB limited storage is free on but you have to share that with other Google service. And additional storage is available for purchase.

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The Google mail sports efficient and effortless help you avoid the truly unneeded mail (spam; Trojan, warm or virus).

The integration with Google drive makes it easy to share large file like 10GB in size with your email link the same way soundcloud does it.

You can use encryption or access your Google mail using POP and IMAP if you don’t like the displaying Ads next to email based on keyboard found message.

Allows you to put Gmail web interface in offline.

Want to Use Gmail With Other Email Account?

You can do it; collect mail from up to five pop accounts automatically and make sure you put the email addresses and account in the line of message you want to send.