Google Allo Now Suggests Emojis and Smiley for Your Chat

Google Allo Now Suggests Emojis and Smiley for Your Chat

Google newest social media now got a big leap with the introduction of its service a feature a suggest emojis for your conversation. This social network app now uses artificial intelligence to help suggest complementing emojis for your chat.

When on this service, Google Allo in between line will be suggesting at various stages, stickers, emojis, and smiley to suit your conversation. This emojis help deepen the chat and as well ensures that you can express your feeling well.

How To Use Google Allo Now Suggests Emojis and Smiley On Chat

to have this feature running, firstly you must have a Google Allo account and the app on your mobile.

To go using this new feature, users will have to tap on the “Smart Smiley” button while type on chat. Once this is done, Google also will from time to time keep suggesting suitable Emojis and smiley in chat. But it will need to tap on the emojis for them to accept the suggestion.

This emojis and stickers change base on words been typed and it uses artificial intelligence to suggest these emojis and stickers based on sentiments of the message. So this emojis changes based on the typed words.

Another good part of this new Google Allo feature is that if you have not started typing, this feature will display suggested smiley and emojis based on the conversation. So far because of this, users are bound to get the perfect sticker with just a tap on the suggested once.

Before now, it has been noted that we use less than 3% of available stickers and emojis available, but this new Google Allo feature now see user up to their emojis usage up to 30%.

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Remember that Google got some new list of stickers lately as expressed in the Warner Bros film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Other are Background them which includes “Watermelon” and Sorbet”

Again, this feature helps users discover a new sticker pack. If you were sent a sticker you were not having before now, all you have to do is to tap on the sticker to download the entire pack.

These stickers are now been rolled out globally but the only issue is that they are presently based in English.