Google Hangouts Chat Is Now On The Web like Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts chat Is Now On The Web like Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts chat with an easy to navigate interface has leaped forward to a standalone alone standpoint with the lunching of its own website mimicking Facebook messenger and yahoo messenger on the web platform. Hangout which gains popularity and offers instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features on its App platform Is now available on the web. Starting today you can go to to make a phone call or ping a friend and clients anywhere in the world. This new development gives the user access to a whole lot of hangout features like the big old call button which I considered actually kind of handy. Interestingly enough, the product hasn’t broken away from the Google domain yet. It doesn’t even own

Domain names aren’t a strong suit of Google. The game of web chatting platform is becoming much more competitive than ever. Is no longer a game of Facebook and Instagram and Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft and Snapchat. Google has stepped in big with this official launch of the Google Hangouts website.

Yes, I can see this is also part of the breaking away that Google+ services are going through, joining the Photos product in all of its “standalone” glory.

The new Google Hangouts chat

the website comes with free Video calls, Free phone calls, Instant conversations with friends and what I love most is the suitable and lovely changeable background look. Check it out and join the fun.