Google SketchUp: Create and Edit 3D images with Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp: Create and Edit 3D images with Google SketchUp.

Looking for a tool to sketch out and edit 3D images with the greatest of ease? That is where Google SketchUp comes handy.

This simple software helps in sketching and editing 3D image quickly with ease.

It comes with advance control tools that help ease the process.

More about Google SketchUp

Over the years, Google SketchUp has turned out to be one of the most used tools for creating 3D images for that your professional works. All the user just have to do is to draw his/her work in 2D format and use a special tool from this program to convert the work to a 3D shape at the end.

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Tools Found In Google SketchUp

This software is not just about conversion, it also brings to the table special editing tools like pencil, rubber and lay down predefined shapes like square and circle that serve in 3D conversion.

So with this program, working with 2D and 3D interchangeably is no more a big deal.

Users can add any format of images ranging from JPG, PNG and more.

If you have love for 3D files, this program can serve as the program supports 3D files like KMZ, 3DS, DWG and more.


Rendering is one feature that stands out in this software. The software can form a quick and easy rendering that users can check in real time. Yes! That is a great edge.

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This software makes it possible for users to directly visualize and modify/ create changes on their work when necessary.

Google SketchUp works well on Windows 7.

Another good and exceptional feature of this program is that it works in different languages of the world.

And to crown it all, for the computer generated image, it will be required that the user will need to use Blender.

To get along with the online version or download Google Sketchup of this program, click here.

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