Happy New Year | Happy New Year Images | Happy New Year 2021 HNY

Happy New Year | Happy New Year Images | Happy New Year 2021 (HNY):New Year celebration is an annual ritual to mark the beginning of the year. It is observed on January 1st of every year in line with the Gregorian calendar.

Just as Christmas and Easter day stands for the birth and resurrection of Christ, happy New Year is a yearly slogan and wishes common among the members of the world’s public.

Over the years, the happy New Year celebration has become one of the most observed holidays in the world.

It is marked with fireworks, fire crackers at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone, streets celebrations, giving out of gift,  visit of sites for site seeing, going to the movies,

History Of New Year And Happy New Year Day

Old Iraq was were the whole concept of celebrating the new year started in 2000 BC.

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The then  Romans empire dedicated New Year’s Day to Janus, which was the common god of gates, doors, and beginnings. January was named after Janus as the first month of the year

Common Acts And Behavior Found In People During New Year

The New Year’s Eve feast precedes the New Year day celebration. It welcomes New Year’s Day. Most people take this period of New Year’s Day celebration as the first day to start a New Year’s resolution for the New Year.

They use this season to reminisce and unwind, making out plan for the New Year and how they intend to live in the New Year they are approaching. Yes! It is the best and accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions of living habit and approach to life.

I have lots of friends that smoked their last cigar, took their last drink, and even went all out to swore his last oath even though most of them don’t last few months into the year. But not minding, it is a better time to make and implement that long choice of life.

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Happy New Year Images And Happy New Year 2021

Photo or Images is one of the most common ways of celebrating new year. Most people snap pictures of themselves and family as well as fireworks and fire crackers across the globe.

Happy New Year Images are shared within people and their friends using social media and emails services. Public and private TV and print Medias show these dynamic images of New Year celebration. Most media companies ask their audience to upload their New Year celebration pictures for public display.

Use the comment box to tell the world how you celebrated your new year.

Happy new Year.