When internet TV streaming service became the order of the day, HBO responded with HBO GO.

HBO GO is a response to stem competition from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Cinemanow and the rest. whenever you miss out from a series or show from HBO, you can catch up with your favorite HBO GO. It gives users opportunity to stream and watch from their mobile devices (Android and iOS) at their leisure.

HBO GO is is supported by streaming friendly devices like Roku and Xbox.

HBO NOW is strictly for HBO cable TV subscribers. That means you can only opt for this service id you have been a client with HBO cable TV.

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So if you are a subscriber with HBO, and it happened that you missed a show at primetime, you can always catch up using HBO GO.

Another shortfall of HBO GO services is that its contents are HBO-specific, as users don’t have the option of watching great episodes and movies like Doctor Who, Twilight Zone and more. It takes the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus to do that.

Outside those series mentioned above, you can bank o HBO when it comes to original Hits TV shows, Sports, Comedy, Kid shows and movies.

Users are given limitless access to HGO Now original contents and some aired series. So with that, you can always access any episode from original HBO series both recent and former.

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Use HBO GO for all interviews, episodes and shows.

What interest me the most is the freedom with which users create their own watch-list. With your watch list, latest contents or episodes are immediately sent to the list of yours.

You can take advantage of social media (Facebook and twitter) integration that allow users setup discussion with other viewers on the platform to discus say a movies or series.

I will let you know here that HBO GO services are free but you must firstly be a subscriber with HBO before you can complete your HBO Activate and then download the app on any of your mobile devices.

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