How to Auto-purge Your Gmail Inbox or Label – Delete Your Old mails Authomatically.

How to Auto-purge Your Gmail  Inbox or Label – Delete Your Old mails Authomatically.

Gmail Auto-Purge – Delete Old Mails Now ; Every one of us expects our mail box to look clean and smart – not clustered with old and unwanted mail. If that’s your wish, then Gmail Auto-purging can help keep your mailbox clean and crisp. Whenever we create say a label for a particular say newsletter or so, and forgot to get rid of the mails that we have probably made use of in that Label, that mail will definitely be there forever. Let’s say you have created a  rule in Gmail that archives all your newsletter subscriptions to a particular label, these old and most time  unwanted messages will remain in that folder thereby making your mail box or label look untidy. With auto-purging enabled, the older mails of a label are automatically removed from your mailbox.

Enable Auto-Purge in Gmail Now

In Gmail, it is not possible to permit auto-purging for any specific Label. The only simple method that is efficient to get this done is by using Google script- it will enable this functionality to your mail just box whereby you can create a rule that will get this task done. How does this work? It is simple to go by, using the Google script, what it does  is to carefully monitor mail belonging to a specific Label/Folder you must have created, and auto-purge  those mail that have gone pass your retention period you have setup in your rule as slated below.

Easy step by step on how to setup Gmail auto-purge:

Step 1 Firstly we will need copy Gmail auto-purge script straight into your Google drive. To complete that, click here Step 2. Note here that each label needs to have their own auto-purge value. This time, of go straight to the Gmail label you wish to setup an auto-purge on, use Purge-After Feature to set the number of days you will like any mail sent to that folder to be stay before it gets deleted. Go to Run -> Initialize and grant the necessary permissions. This is your personal script and nobody else will ever have access to your data. Go to Run -> Install to install the auto-purge script. With this you’ve created a rule that of every mail sent to that specific folder, are to be deleted after that number days you entered. The Google script will continuously keep carrying out its function in the background in accordance of your setup.

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How to Disable Gmail auto-purge feature

If for any reason you now decide to exit this rule you have created or you want to exit the Google mail auto-purge, simply go again to your Google Drive and choose Run -> Uninstall. With that, your Gmail account Folders/Label will return to default settings.