Backup iPhone Contacts: How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail…

How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail, iCloud And iTunes: Your iPhones serve as a call making device as well as a data manager.

This is important data that we can’t readily hold in our memory due to busy schedules.

Outside knowing full well that we have saved these data in our iPhone devices, how safe are they in the case of the loss or sudden demise of this device?

This is where backing up of data comes in. It is so reliable mostly the case of losing your device, you do you contact retrieving to get those your contacts again.

Do you see the need for everyone to backup or sync contacts of his or her iPhone? Therefore let us continue.

Certainly there will be a need for data Surely after all this time using an iPhone backup of most important files; contacts list, phone numbers, email addresses, and other info.

Yes! Losing any of this could be hell and a huge loss for some of us that love saving the most important information on our devices.

If this is your situation, then, this article will help provide you with comprehensive guidance on how you can backup contacts using Gmail, iTunes or iCloud.

What does this mean? It means that you can restore your data anytime any day even when you lose your present device.

How to Backup iPhone contacts or Sync to Gmail:

  1. To get this done, simply download and install iTunes (For those that don’t have it yet).
  2. Next is for you to link your iPhone to your PC using a reliable USB cable and then run your iTunes.
  3. When your iTunes is up, choose your iPhone on the left navigation, and after that, on the right panel, selects the “Info tab”.
  4. With the Info tab displayed, check the “Sync Address Book Contacts”. Please remember to check “All contacts” and after that choose “Sync Google Contacts” without much stress.
  5. This last move will prompt and demand your Gmail sign in details. Enter it and click ok.
  6. To wrap it up, click on the Apply button to complete the backup and sync iPhone contacts to Gmail contacts list without any payment. Remember to verify your backup. This is done after the syncing and backup process is completed. So you can verify your backups contact with your Google account using your contact list right in your Gmail account.
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How to Backup iPhone contacts or Sync to iCloud

It is almost the same process as backing up with Gmail. They do the same job.

  1. Apple’s iCloud storage service can be used for your contact backups in cloud form. Yes!. iCloud can do the job of backing up all your phone contacts and keep it safe for future use. This is the way.
  2. To do this, take a close lookout for the application “Settings” on the home screen of your iPhone and launch it. When it displays, tap on the iCloud button.
  3. This time, you will be prompt to log in to Apple ID or create a new one for no price. With that done and after iCloud account is verified, choose  ON option in contacts layer.
  4. Move down the same page to “Storage & Backup”.
  5. Simply choose “Backup Now” to start backing up all of your iPhone contacts in iCloud format.
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How to Backup or sync your iPhone to iTunes contact

This method is quite simple as it will automatically help sync or backup your iPhone contacts to iTunes.

This includes the whole of the contact data stored on the PC. These steps below will for a unique guide to how to Backup or sync your iPhone to iTunes contact.

  1. First, ensure your iTunes is functional or you can Download and install iTunes for free.
  2. Lunch your Itune app and link it with your phone using a working USB cable.
  3. To complete the process, take a close lookout for your iPhone device on the left panel and select “Backup”. With that done, it will successfully back up iPhone contacts along with all the personal data to your computer using the iTunes app.

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