How to silent whatsapp Messenger Notification Sound

How to silent WhatsApp Messenger Notification Sound

Notification sound on WhatsApp could be embarrassing and battery draining sometimes.

This article will focus on How to silent WhatsApp Messenger Notification Sound.

We will see how to mute sounds from individual and group chat.

Disable the sounds so we can chat in public places without creating awareness from notification sounds. This will put a temporary silence to your message.

How to silent WhatsApp Messenger Notification Sound

To get this done, launch your whatsapp app, move on to the chat Tab to see the conversation you will want to mute for this time.

Click on that message for up to 4 seconds to enable the display of a small menu.

Click on View Contact to display the profile page of that contact you have selected.

There are options here ranging from Notification, custom Notification Mute and more. But we are concerned with the mute option. Just move on to Notification and toggle the Mute option On.

It will give you duration option for the mute, click on the one that suits you ranging from 8 Hours, 1 week, and 1 year.

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Hope it helped