HTC Vive is out for Pre-order

HTC Vive is out for Pre-order.
HTC mobile company made an official announce or pre-order release for its much talked about HTC Vive.
With this announcement, prospective buyers can make pre-order for VR HTC Vive handset as the international price was also made public.
So from 29th February, any one across the globe can make pre-order for this visual reality phone.
The global price stands at $799 USD. The present order status stands at one unit per customer. If you are in Europe, Vive will cost you €899 and for UK clients, Vive stands at £689.

Features of HTC Vive

This great phone from the stables of HTC has in it dounle wand controllers, the phone’s laser tracking system, and a Google Tilt Brush 3D painting tool.
What Tilt Brush does is that users can now paint in the air, yes, they can now use vive to create their own 3D designs. In no distance time, we will soon see Google launch Tilt Brush Gallery app. With this, users can share and showcase their various masterpiece of paintings,
Job Simulator and Fantastic Constraption is another great visual Reality game vive is bringing to user even if it is for a limited time.
Remember Job Simulator is also on facebook’s Oculus Rift and Playstation VR. This Job Simulator is billed to be a robot-controlled scene where human effort might not be needful come 2050.