How to Maximize LinkedIn Tool

LinkedIn tool: Lots of professionals now use LinkedIn for job recruitment while the business world uses LinkedIn as a great marketing tool aimed at increasing their business empire by creating good professional page or profile that serves as resume.

Linkedin help you connect to persons in your industry that can help advance your career and LinkedIn can as well serve as blog as part of personal branding exercise. To make this clearer, Deepa one of LinkedIn personnel in India and Hong Kong explained some factors that can help build your brand, professional network and knowledge on LinkedIn and other social media. “For example, students can look for jobs at their dream company by connecting with alumni of the college or by linking with established professional across industries to bag an internship,” said Deepa.

Linkedin helps you in the area if industry news and updates through one of LinkedIn feature called PULSE “Using this, senior professionals can share their wealth of experience while engaging with their peers in meaningful ways,” said Deepa.

Your branding can best done on your LinkedIn page or profile as professions across the globe makes Linkedin a must visit social media. Deepa said blogging helps members in today’s professional environment to project their skills and understanding of a particular industry and can help them stand out from the rest.

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“Through LinkedIn long form posts, when a member publishes a post, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, and is shared with their trusted network,” said Deepa.

Linkedin avails you the opportunity of adding up to your knowledge from reading contents from major world players opinion like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Martha Stewart and more. “They can also follow an influencer or topics of interest on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Other than global influencers, professionals can also follow prominent India-based leaders like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Swati Piramal, Ronnie Screwvala and Nandan Nilekani,” said Deepa. “Be it students or professionals, access to professional knowledge on the LinkedIn publishing platform enables members to learn from their peers and showcase their expertise,” said Deepa Recently there was a massive reduction in the amount of mail received by individual as invitation from other users with the aim of making all connection right than building irrelevant connections.

Things that matters On Linkedin, How to Maximize LinkedIn tool

To help make the best of LinkedIn, you should endeavor to

  1. Showcasing education and academic details can help one increase profile views by 15 times. Most users leave their profile or page boring and unorganized. This could scare away people wanting to connect to your for sale of recruitment.
  2. Make your industry clear by specifying a specific industry where you belong. This alone can help people in your industry identify with you.
  3. Most company leave an empty or half filled profile or page. This will cost you that your job of job of choice of that sale you have been looking forward to. Learn to add a profile picture, logo, video that explains your profile of page to users.
  4. When putting your profile, remember to enter in your present job position before any other previously held position.
  5. The last advice is location. Make sure you specify your present address. There is nothing wrong in putting up a location of interested job. Most organizations puts up location a criteria for hiring as those within specific area of choice of the company could finally gain the job.. “Having a complete profile is the first step to showcase your skills and achievements,” said Deepa.