Microsoft New Features and what You Need to Know.

Microsoft New Features and what You Need to Know.

The New is being rolled out users starting with those North America.

The update will see users gaining access to several features and a cleaner and faster ways to use outlook services.

It comes with some trick and thrills to make your working experience easier and prompt.

Amongst the updates is the ability or option of editing documents side-by-side right in your email.

Users can now integrate their works with cloud services like Onedrive, Dropbox, add-in support like Yelp, Wunderlist, and Giphy.

Giphy has turned to becoming the internet wonder of today. Giphy allows users to add Gifs from GIFs library to their works without having to move out of outlook inbox.

With GIFs, a user can make their works powerful and colorful like the addition of   congratulatory Gifs, birthday celebration, anniversary, thanks to client and family and more.

It gets better with Skype integration when one with text and video calls when still on It provides a better address book and an upgrade app for Mac and PC users.

This update brings a lot to the table just as the new update is being rolled out to registered users across the globe starting with those living in North America.

Don’t lose your sleep if you have not received this update as the update of Microsoft New Features is an ongoing one.

You don’t need to trigger the update action; it will get to you soonest.