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Msn Hotmail sign in | MSN sign in | Hotmail is a popular webmail service meant to soot your email need be it on the mobile or desktop version any time and any day. Just like yahoo mail and Gmail, MSN Hotmail is one of the pioneers of webmail service. Msn Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It’s then headquarter was in Sunnyvale California. As the situation unfolds, MSN Hotmail was then in 1997 acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for a total sum of $400 million.

Today, MSN Hotmail has turned out to become one of the best free email services providers in the world.

The last statistics showed that the email service has over 600 million active users across the globe. Hotmail email services are free except for the special package plan (paid version).

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Features of Msn Hotmail Using

In other to make its email services of an become an exception, Hotmail was upgraded to a lot of features were brought on board for its users for free. Amongst these features is unlimited storage for all email users.

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Msn Hotmail latter brought in calendar and contacts management for the efficiency of services to its user.

The Ajax interface was also introduced making MSN Hotmail look unique in the communities of webmail services providers just like GMX mail. Any time you set up a Hotmail email account, you can now freely complete your close integration with OneDrive.

One drive can help you manage your email data and files no matter how large they are using their superior cloud service managed by Microsoft. Each single MSN Hotmail you set up gives you unrestricted access to other Microsoft services instantly (Skype, Xbox, Bing webmaster, Office, Windows, and Lumia).

Amongst these services, the one I love most is Skype. I no more go through the hurdles of setting up a new account as my simple MSN Hotmail account does the magic for me.

Msn Hotmail Registration and Hotmail Sign in Processes / Create Hotmail Account

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Registration for a new Hotmail account is quite easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Run any browsers application on your device
  2. Enter the URL in the URL toolbar of your browsers “”
  3. Then you will be redirected to the Hotmail email homepage and then click on ” Create an account
  4. You will show the account creation form, Enter your details such as Name, Email address, and Password, phone number.
  5. Now hit the Signup button.
  6. phone number verification follows.
  7. Now click on the continue button until you see ” Account Created Popup”.

Congratulations because you are now a Hotmail account owner.  Now you can log in using your new ID and password.

Hotmail Sign in Login, Msn Hotmail Account Login

After creating your Hotmail account, you will need to login in to other to enjoy all the features of Hotmail account Simply direct browser to and then enter your email id and your Password, then hit Hotmail sign in Button. Thanks for your audience but remember to Bookmark and drop your comment.