Nokia PC Suite Download – Download Latest version of Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite 7.1.180 Download – Download Latest version of Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite brings your PC and Nokia phone together. It is the only software with which you can connect your Nokia mobile phone and your PC for easy connecting.

While connected, users can sync files, share internet networks, update and so on.

Features of Nokia PC Suite

This PC suite grants users and owners of Nokia phone access to connect their mobile phones to their computers to carry out several tasks.

Connecting Computer to the internet

This is one of the functions and what you can use Nokia PC Suite for. With the software fully installed, you can use your mobile phone as an internet source for your PC.  so with the help of your phone, you can connect your computer safely to the internet. It can serve as your modern as far as your phone is having an internet connection in it.

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Update of Phone and Software

The simplest mean of updating phones and software on your Nokia phone is through the PC suite. With the phone connected to the PC, users can do automatic updates poof their mobile Phones and the software installed in them.

Transfer Digital Files

The cheapest way to do the transfer of file and sync digital file between Nokia phones and Computer devices is via Nokia PC Suite. It is used to share and exchange files within the two.

Share Information With Lotus Notes

If you are the type that likes using Lotus note, this app will serve you better. You can bring these two devices together to share information with Lotus Note.

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Sync Contact And Calendar Entries

This app helps you do proper syncing between your mobile and PC. Entries in your calendar and contact can be better managed, sync and for backup of your files using Nokia PC Suite.

Multimedia Messages From PC Can Be Share Via Phone

You can now create multimedia messages and share them through your phone once your device is connected to the PC suite.

Download Nokia PC Suite

To download this app for free, click here.