Picasa web Albums using Picasa Login process

Picasa web Albums using Picasa Login process: – Picasa photo editor is a professional software known for its exception craft of picture image retouching, editing, and the user now has a tool in the software where they can share this great images with clients and family.

Are you a lover of great images, do you feel like merging those great images in one picture with a great background? Then, Picasa web Albums is there to do the magic.

Picasa web Albums and how it works.

Picasa photo editor is software that has been in the market for some time now. Owned by Google and mainly used in managing Google Photos. It comes with a great simple interface that is useable by all. You can now browse through your list of photos without stress.

The software can scan your PC to find all images not minding their formats. When it finish searching, it puts them in a folder in accordance with users can go through these images using simple thumbnails of the images.

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To get a full view, just double-click on the image thumbnail to view. Picasa photos are easy to view.

How to download Picasa and Picasa installation, as well as Picasa web Albums.

To complete your Picasa download on Your PC, Click here and get Picasa free download. The installation is quite simple. Some of the setup packages are of the third party and so users will need to watch out the installation wizard during the installation process the get the best of this app.

You can use Picasa offline but I will advise you to use Picasa web Albums mainly when you are connected online.

Other Things You can do with Picasa Photo Editor.

The software doesn’t just function as a photo viewing tool as you can use Picasa for picture resizing, cropping of photos, add and tweak your images with special effects, enhance the quality of images, use the Picasa Login or Picasa sign in to share your photo on your Blog and email service providers.

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Not just that, you can as well use Picasa to print photos on CD, this app can scan your photos library for a certain face, identify it and extract the said photo.

You can name a photo using this software. The application is owned by Google, so most Google products works well with it.

Picasa and Google map in Geotagging your Images.

You can use Picasa alongside with Google Map as well as Geotag those images of yours.

To geotag that your photo, choose the image you want to work with, click on ‘Places’ button, this will display Map by Google, carefully select your specific location and click OK button.

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