Recovering Of Forgotten Gmail Password: Recover your Gmail Password.

Recovering Of Forgotten Gmail Password:

Now am going to show you how to recover your forgotten Gmail password.

These are the steps you are to follow to recovering your Gmail Password.

  • Do you have a secondary email address specified for you Gmail account?
  • Then follow the “can’t access your account” form Gmail log-in.
  • Make sure you click on “forgot my password”
  • Under the email address type your full Gmail email address.
  • Now you have added up a secondary email address for recovery of your password.
  • Make sure your desired email address is selected following the “get a password reset link at my recovery email”.
  • Then click on continue>>>
  • In your selected email account from Google account recovery, open the Google password assistance message.
  • To start the passwords reset process for your Gmail account follow the link under.
  • This security question for Gmail password recovery has to need to setup.
  • Make sure you select my security questions.
  • Following the question given to you, type your answer to your recovery questions.
  • Is your phone number setup for the account recovery?
  • Get verification code via SMS on my phone with my account recovery phone number.
  • The click on continue>>>
  • You will see a text that begins with Google verification code e.g. (2436)
  • Make sure you type in the code correctly on Google account recovery page.
  • Now click on continue>>>
  • Enter your new password and re-enter password again correctly.
  • Then click on reset password.
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But if you have used your Gmail account in the past 5days and it did not specify your secondary email, you’ll have to wait for another 5days. Because it must be up to 5 or 6days before Google can give a secondary email.

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I hope this is helpful?

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