Reverse Image Search – Google Reverse Image Search

Do you know how to search for information over the internet using images? However, we bring to you super tool for quick search with an image search for personal use or for other purposes. This can be done with the use of image URL or uploading the image or you can still go about using Dropbox or via Google Images.

It will shock you as we get to know more about Reverse Image Search!! The first question that came across my mind when I came across this was; How can I make a reverse image search, could it be done with phone or PC, benefits of using Reverse image search.

Likewise you out there, this could be part of thought before now that you are about to discover how it works.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Clearly, we can say that it is an online search in which we present what we are after by representing it with images instead of a text-based or voice-based keyword.

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How to make a Reverse Image Search

To conduct Reverse image search is simple. Just visit You have the opportunity to search by URL or via image search. Like I asked earlier, can I use a phone to make Reverse image search. Yes of course. You may wonder if you can do this with a phone because we face a lot trying to access some desktop sites. But in this site can be different as it allows you to perform the reverse search even with a phone.

Thus, let’s look at how to reverse search an image via phone and PC.

Reverse Image Search on phone

As long as this tool has been made online for all devices, you can access it with your Android Smartphone, iOS and tablets.

On your android phone, you must have come across pictures that you know nothing about either on social media and you saved it on your device. This is the right time to explore what the image is all about. Same as those using iOS iPhone, it works similarly as the android phone does. With your web browser, you can access google search images on your phone. Quickly move to

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Over there, you get to see two options; one for image URL and the other for Image upload. Choose your best option and then click enter for search. If you by image upload, select the location of the image and then select the particular image and hit the insert button.

So as to desktop reverse image search, you can expose from your computer and as well your cloud storage. All you have to do is to drag and drop the image from the cloud storage.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search

  • You get to learn more about the object image.
  • You will as well get to see similar images of the same object from a different angle.
  • You will find the original source of images.
  • Detect more versions of a particular image.