How To Save Files To Dropbox From Yahoo Mail, How To Save Dropbox Files

How To Save Files To Dropbox From Yahoo Mail – How To Save Dropbox Files

How To Save Files To Dropbox From Yahoo Mail:  Do you know that you can save and backup your files from your yahoo mail box to your Dropbox account for free and subsequently send any of the files to your friends and clients by syncing them from account using Yahoo mail Dropbox integration? So many of your files – videos, photos, doc and more in your yahoo mail can be saved or backed up in your Dropbox account for future use or as an attachment in your subsequent mails with ease and for free. This tutorial will give you a walkthrough on how to go about it, so let us bounce off.

  • This is an auto feature in Yahoo mail. So you will need to have an account with Yahoo mail firstly ↦ Next you log into your account ↦ click on the particular mail that came with attachment files that may range from; videos, photos, documents and more.
  • On the down side of the file, you will see the inscription “download or Save” ↦ click on “save to Dropbox”. A Dropbox logging page will be displayed ↦ click on logging if you already have an account with Dropbox, in case you don’t have one simply click on create an account, and when you are done, click “link account” button.
  • This will automatically create a yahoo mail folder in your Dropbox account and save your files in there by clicking save.
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Some friends recently asked me to explain how to save a Dropbox video, I will like to notify you that it is the same process like as I have explained above. You can access this file anytime anywhere by simply logging into your Dropbox account and clicking the same yahoo mail folder.

How To Send Files From Dropbox in Yahoo As An Attachment.

For you to send files from dropbox as attachment to a mail you want to send from Yahoo mail;

  • Click your compose mail button↦ enter the particular email ID you want to send the mail to, enter the subject and the mail body ↦ click by the side of your attachment button and select dropbox↦when your Dropbox is opened, select the Yahoo folder↦select any of the files you want to attach to the mail, and click “choose”.
  • The said file will be shared with that particular id you have entered when you send the mail to the recipient.
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