Seahorse Facts: Scientist Exploring Unbreakable Limbs of Seahorse

Seahorse Facts: Scientist Exploring Unbreakable Limbs of Seahorse

Seahorse Facts: Scientists are out to explore the long curled tail of the Seahorse. Findings have shown that Seahorse has unique “square prisms surrounded by bony plates which are closely connected by joints”.

Image: Seahorse ( Yahoo news)

This close square prism is only present in seahorse as other animals are cylindrical- exposing them to easily crush. Exploration of this long curled tail of seahorse would lead to the invention of search-and-rescue robots that moves on the ground like a snake and can contract into confined space without losing its structural integrity and strength. Researchers from Clemson University have taken up this project intending to create a sort of robotic design based on the long curled tail of the Seahorse.

With the project still ongoing, these scientists were able to come up with findings from an experiment that the square prototype from Seahorse was stiffer, stronger, resilient and tough to pressure when crushed, compare to the cylindrical prototype from the other animals.

The square prototype was like half as able to twist, a restriction that could prevent crack to the Seahorse and gives it better control when it grabs things. Both the square and the cylindrical prototypes could bend 90 degrees, but the Seahorse Square robotics could withstand a solid whack with the hammer just as the cylindrical prototype is liable to suffer some pronounce folds at the point of the impact.

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Future impact of Seahorse Facts and Prisms Square Prototype Invention

Findings have shown that further work on this research will lead to:

  1. A new special form of armor
  2. Search-and-rescue robots that can move like a snake and a lot more.

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