How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely – Gmail Remote Sign Out

How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely – Gmail Remote Sign-Out

Have you ever used a public PC to log in to your Gmail and ended not signing out? This Gmail remote sign out will be your way out.Sign Out of Gmail Remotely

Most times we log into several system PCs and because of rush failed to log out before leaving. This is the reason Google introduced this new sign out a feature that will help out in sign you out from your present location.

 How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely – Gmail Remote Sign Out

To get this done, log in your account using any PC close to you. Scroll down to the bottom of your inbox. Look out for the information about the time and location of your last activity. Click on detail to further get better information about what you are looking for. This will tell you if your account is still logged in somewhere in another location.

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This will display a page about the current place where your account is presently logged in. more info about the location will be displayed, it will also give them information about recent activities like which medium it was accessed with (whether browser, mobile, POP3, the IP address as well as the date and time of the login).

But the most important is that you can remotely sign out from any other location using this feature. This will end up a login you out from any other device that you are presently logged in to.