Skyfire web browser For Android – Skyfire web browser

Skyfire web browser.

From the stable of one of the world’s leading web browser producers comes Skyfire web browser. This browser is designed for mobile user on the OS platform of either Andriod or Apple iOS.

It’s newly released version comes with lots of updates from the previous. This browser brings in the expected revolution needed to pull the internet world together just from you mobile.

Features of Skyfire web browser.

Skyfire browser comes with an advanced and highly optimized requestor’s web page for a mobile phone using  web kit rendering engine. With this, Skyfire web users can watch flash videos from the internet using their mobile phone. So viewing videos is optimized straight from the browser.

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Plugin and Add-ons for Skyfire browser | Download Apps

To improve some of its services, Skyfire web gives users the option of download and installing add-ons and related application from the main interface of the browser.

Social Media Connection.

Users of this Skyfire have no business trying to type the URL address of most of their social media site as these sites are already bookmarked on the interface. With these, users can easily connect Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and lots more and share their work on these sites.

If you have been using Skyfire web browser, you will notice the recent addition of some icon like the twitter login and the option of watching videos with just a simple click. If you are familiar with Groupon and Google Reader, you will feel no strange with this point I just made.

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More About this Browser.

The major point to note that made Skyfire web browser stands out is that the browser is accessed using shortcuts it presents users the option to download favorite Web apps without stress.

Download Skyfire web browser.

This browser is up for free download. To have Skyfire browser running on your Android device, simply click here.