Skype introduces Skype Translator

Skype finally  introduced the long awaited Skype Translator.

The intention if Skype team to unify the globe by breaking language barrier has been given a boost as skype announced it has rolled out Skype translator on windows desktop app. The much anticipated Skype translator made its debut with windows 8 preview app as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela’s speech were translated and subtitled at the event to mark the initial entry of Skype translator into the market.

How Many Languages Can Be Translated Using Skype Translator?

Skype translator which is now available on Skype app is presently accessible in six major spoken languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Mandarin, and more 50 written languages for massage translation and subtitled. Microsoft is assuring its users of the soonest release of this technology in other devices.

The technology will soon be released for mass-market to help make the app better and faster. As it stands, the technology is only available for windows desktop users only.

Microsoft said it hope to push for the release of Mac, Linux and the mobile version. With the lowering or permanent remover of language barrier that has barricaded smooth communication over the years, Skype team hope to see the world become a global community where communication across languages with friends will know no restriction.

Skype hope to use this medium push for more space in the market with lots of completion being posed by the likes of Wechat, viber, Whatsapp and more.