How to Toggle Between Two Gmail Accounts in One Browser

How to Toggle Between Two Gmail Accounts in One Browser

For those of you that have more than one email account, it is always a stressful venture each time you tried to access each of the Gmail accounts. This is owing to the traditional way where you must log out one account before logging in another. Some of you use the option of having multiple browsers so we use them for our various email accounts.Toggle Between Two Gmail Accounts

This is where Gmail came in with a multiple account sign-in option that let you connect all your email account in one browser. It is simple to go by. You will no longer need to log out of the present account before can access the other.

How to Toggle Between Two Gmail Accounts in One Browser

So in this article, we will give you the simple walkthrough on how to toggle between two Gmail email accounts in one single browser. With this option from Google, users can sign in more lot of Gmail accounts and ogle between them back and forth without the regular login and logout process.

Another good path of it is that you can open up several other tabs on the same browser for each of your email accounts. The only limitation to this new Gmail feature is that it only works when you are using your desktop for now.

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To get this done, click this link here and select “Edit” Close to the “Multiple Sign-in” box. You will need to check the box that indicates that you know what you are doing. When you are through, go to the account page and click on “Edit” that is close to email addresses to add another account.

With this, you add other additional Gmail account and have access to all of them using a single browser. You no more need to change browser, log out or log in to access those multiple Gmail account of yours.