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Trojan Horse Virus ! Trojan Spyware! Trojan AntivirusTrojan horse is a renowned malicious virus that has functionalities and operation that is different from worm and spyware. Trojan horse is designed to trick users toward downloading and executing the virus thereby easing data loss.

In most cases it brings about theft and  total system breakdown. At every point in time your PC needs Horse removal or virus removal to stay safe. This malicious software presents its self as important, useful, interesting and routine software.  It could trick users to executing it and after the installation, they have the tendency to damage the device.

Virus Trojan horse is just simply a deceptive, malicious executable computer program that disguises itself as important and useful software just to persuade users to download and hence install them on their devices. This is really a Trojan war.

How Trojan Horse Virus Spreads

This malicious program spreads through social engineering, execution of an email attachments that presents itself as important and unsuspicious-like form. It could spread as well through drive-by downloads online or through trojan downloader.

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Most recent Trojan horse act as backdoor computer security aid which can use any medium possible to notify the programmer of the virus information about the owner of the device.

It also gives the programmer or sender third party non-permitable access into any device or computer that Trojan has affected. So you need good computer security at all time!

Their mode of operation makes them difficult to detect except with the aid of professional best antivirus software. When a computer is affected by Trajan horse, in most cases the computer runs slow because of heavy processor or network usage.

Unlike worm, spyware and other malware, Viruses Trojan does not attach itself to files and does not duplicate its self. It takes only best antivirus to eliminate Trojan or horse virus.

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What Harm Can Trojan Horse Do To My System?

  1. Trojan can be used to watch your computer screen while you are unaware.
  2. It can be used by the programmer to views user’s webcam.
  3. it can be used to control your system remotely.
  4. Leads to Keystroke logging.
  5. It can lead to data loss or theft.
  6. It can be used for spying passwords as well as payment information
  7. Trojan horse can be used to capture user’s identification information and trade secrets.
  8. Trajan Horse can be used in affecting other systems connected to it.
  9. It is also used for spamming, and distributes denial-of-service attack.
  10. It serves in spying users’ activities and information.
  11. Trojan horse can be used in formatting your disk and thereby destroying you data contents.
  12. It can be used in modification and deleting of files.
  13. Trojan horse can crash your computer or electronic device.

In most cases, Trojan horse works with worm to enable fast spreading across the board.