Vine Music: Vine To Add Music To Its Features

Vine Music Vine To Add Music To Its Features

Vine, the popular video blog site and app that you can use to watch, create and share short looping videos (around six seconds long) is now plunging its way into music. The latest update is expected this Friday. With this upward review of vive services, users can now add music alongside the traditional videos that vine have been known for for some time now. According to vine’s managements, the musics are expected to be licensed by vine. As at the time of this report, it’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to dig into your private library to put “Bad Blood” over everything.

Rather after shooting a particular video, you’ll be able to look through a selection of tracks that Vine has picked out or selected among the list of your tracks. As it stands, users are free to place a song over their clips however they’d like, but it is onus on  Vine managements  as they are hoping that users’ll use a feature it’s made called “Snap to Beat.”  It is expected that  this feature “Snap to Beat “ will be used to trim the music and video to the audio loop as perfectly as possible for the now.

Vine Music proposed  Popular Avicii, Migos, and Odesza to be among the first artists who will be included in Vine’s “Featured Tracks” for the now. Music Vine management is also pitching this as a way to discover new music. When a Vine video includes one of those tracks, a music note will appear beside it that you can tap to get information on the song and artist.

The Vine Music team  hopes to see Artists being able to include a link of their social media profiles and accounts, probably their official website, or a music store, to help users get further information about the said Artist any time they visit their vine page.


Though critics are of the opinion that this medium will not help in selling songs for Artist, rather it should definitely make for more pleasantly loopable Vines. But we will still keep our fingers crossed as event develops further.