VoiP Phone: Make Free Telephone Calls with VoIP Today

VoiP Phone | Make Free Telephone Calls with VoIP Today:- 

For those that are new to the service, VoIP stands for voice over internet protocols, a new service that is making waves in the world today. This simple service is of great advantage to homes and small business places that need some level of cheap telephony services and cost cut.

VoIP Phone makes telephone calls to travel through the internet as data the same way we send messages from one mail to another using the internet. All that is needed here to complete calls to anywhere in the world is simply internet data and subscription to VoIP providers.

What this service does is that it allow users bypass mobile phone network providers like Verizon and AT&T for VoIP Phone services providers, thereby reducing the cost of communication in that your business place or home.

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How VoIP Phone Works

When you choose to use VoIP Phone commonly called IP phones, audio signals are turned into digital signals. Then this device transmits this signal over the internet.

By so doing, there will be no need for those huge telephone bills from mobile network providers. Yes, this technology converts your internet data to serve phone calls which now allow users to make phone calls using their data subscription.

VoIP Phone And What You Need To Know About Them

They are commonly called IP phones, built with chips that help to handle IP Calls. It is built like your normal telephone with the arrays of buttons like the traditional phone handset but can handle your calls using internet data.

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Another option of it is PC to PC connection. So no more fees for you calls both local or distance calls when using PC to PC connection.

All that is required is simply;

  • Software
  • Microphone
  • Sound card
  • Internet connection
  • Speaker

No fee, no extra charge for your calls from PC to PC using your data instead of GSM.

How to Use VoIP Phone

This service is data based instead of the traditional GSM cellular network.  Voice network are transferred via the data network.

So what this means is that this technology transfers voice signal calls into a digital signal and transfer it through the internet.

The VoIP Phone uses voice compression techniques using the internet data instead of GSM.

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