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WeChat Download Wechat Web @ Weixin.Qq.Com  微信  微信网We chat here — Wechat download: WeChat is a free-cross platform company, a social media that have successfully connected half a billion of the world’s population within just three years.

Also, Wechat is a free all-in-one smartphone app that provides users with free text messaging,  voice and video calls, image sharing, video sharing, sharing of locations as well as game sharing.WeChat download WeChat app is presently the hottest mobile app product in the market. Also, Wechat download comes with high-quality free video and voice calls, real-time location sharing, an interactive group chat that can accommodate 100 people at a go.

Wechat download also provides you with great multimedia messages. It ranges from; text, voice, image, and video messaging. Also, there is a shake option to check for nearby friends. Finally, there are great-looking stickers that express our sincere emotions all for free.

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Most social media like tuenti, vine, Skype, WhatsApp, yahoo messenger, Viber, LinkedIn and more has a way of narrowing down their social networking services. They are mostly in say photo, video, or instant messaging platform. But Wechat comes with an all-in-one social media initiative. It clubs all features of other social media networks. With this, it’s now left for users to choose the medium they want to use to conversate with friends ranging from

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With this entire medium, WeChat, commonly called china’s WhatsApp has made it easy to connect with people worldwide. We can say here that WeChat is indeed a complete social mobile communication tool. Wechat download ranks above most social media networks because of its high privacy policy. . . . .

Wechat was certified as the only data security social media company. More Features of Wechat Download Wechat download will give you merge WeChat with other popular social media networks in the world.

In Wechat download, is easy to customize your photo and share using an inbuilt filter and captions.

WeChat Download And Language Translation

One of the great features that WeChat download avails you is that it has the ability to translate any word within 20 world’s major languages, thereby making global communication possible. Users can opt to personalize their wallpaper and the mode of notification to their taste.

To download Click Here Or Here For Android and laptop.

There have been so many speculations that WeChat download is an alternative to whatsapp.com, but lately, with the level of innovations that WeChat download is bringing to the table, the reverse might be the case in the nearest future.

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Today, WeChat is rated as the fastest growing social media in the world. Within just three years of full operation, the company has recorded over 500 million active users worldwide.

Recent records have shown that WeChat is now the world’s most downloaded app in countries like India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Mexico In south America. The aim of this progress is just to penetrate regions that whatsapp.com once dominated.

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OS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, OS X, Windows. So you can download WeChat once your phone falls within these categories. www.wechat.com app works perfectly well on iOS 6.2.2, Android 6.2, Windows Phone 6.0.4, Symbian V3 4.2, Symbian V5 4.2, BlackBerry OS 3.6 BlackBerry 10, OS X 1.2, and Windows 1.1.

www.wechat.com Languages.

Wechat is available in most of the world’s major languages and they are; Wechat English, Wechat in Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Wechat in Thai, Wechat in  Indonesian.

Others are Wechat in Vietnamese, Wechat in Malay, Wechat in Japanese, Wechat in Korean, Wechat in Portuguese, Wechat in Spanish, Wechat in Polish, Wechat in Italian, Wechat in Russian, Wechat in Hindi, Wechat in Turkish.