Wechat as a marketing tool

 Wechat is now one the world’s best marketing tool.

Wechat just like other social media is a free platform for communication through means like free sms chats, sharing of voice and video files, free voice and video chats and even emojis. Wechat outside this all in one core area of service is changing the way we communicate with the introduction of lots of features that promotes social marketing and as well acting as a marketing tool for many organizations.

Wechat provides free sms devices in which most organizations have keyed into against the conventional paid sms. Most organization now uses wechat as a means of reaching out to their various customers and getting feedback about their products and services from them through same wechat.

This great social media that made its way into the list of social networks in January 2011 is not just the medium for chatting with friends and loved ones only, or sharing graphical or voice clips, but it can as well serve a great marketing tool.

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Wechat recently marked new height after statistics showed that the wechat have over the years connected 1 billion people worldwide. Aside from chat, most organization have started taking advantage of various wechat features so they can benefit from the large population that uses wechat services daily.

Wechat Lucky Money Feature

Wechat lucky money feature is gradually replacing the conventional red envelope distribution in China that is used in marking the new year celebration; a custom widely practiced in china. You can now send these envelopes virtually instead of the conventional manual distribution. For the first time, Nissan test drive coupons worth millions of Yuan were sent across china by users of wechat; a simple mere shaking of your phone is all you need to get this coupon.

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Wechat’s  Mobile Wallet Feature.

Over the years, Facebook have dominated the virtual money sending service. But lately, wechat have leaped up to the challenge. With Wechat this time around, bank accounts can be linked to the wechat application and with that, money can be sent and received using wechat’s mobile wallet feature.

Wechat QR Code | Wechat as a marketing tool

Lots of organizations now uses wechat QR Code for distribution of coupons  and issuance of discounts to their customers thereby attracting more customers. Again, organization is gradually stepping into the evaluation of coupons through a wechat feature called Moment. Take advantages of these features and push your organization to it real place now.

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