Whatsapp web | whatsapp For PC, How to connect whatsapp to your PC

 Whatsapp web: You can now freely use  Your PC Browser to WhatsApp. You will learn How to connect Whatsapp to your PC in this article.

Whatsapp web, Whatsapp For PC:- Have you attempted chatting with friends and families on WhatsApp via your computer; either a laptop or desktop computer?

The experience is quite awesome as WhatsApp recently introduced WhatsApp web; a platform that allows you to chat with friends and loved ones via your computer thereby reducing data usage on your mobile device.whatsApp This is a welcome development mostly for some of us that work around on laptop or desktop day in and day out. You could actually get connected with friends and family while you work on your PC with the help of WhatsApp web. With WhatsApp web, there will be no need of

  • Downloading WhatsApp for PC or using Blue stack and Android emulator
  • Just with your web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera mini and more), you can connect your WhatsApp web.
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How To Whatsapp Using Whatsapp Web


Lunch your WhatsApp app on your mobile phone; make sure that your WhatsApp is working well on your mobile phone.


Go to your computer and lunch any of your favorite browsers, ensure that your PC has a good internet connection, then logon to web.whatsapp.com. This will display a WhatsApp web page as shown in the image below.WhatsApp Web If you look closely, you will notice a QR code. With that done, let us now move back to your phone.


With your WhatsApp app opened on your mobile device, (Android, Symbian, iOS or Windows Phone) click on chat ↦ to show your chat list ↦ click on menu option ↦ scroll down to WhatsApp web ↦ click on WhatsApp web.whatsapp web The above process will automatically switch on your camera in the square box, then focus your camera to the desktop QR code on your PC browser as shown earlier in step 2, and hold on for some seconds for the scanning process. Ensure that your camera covers the QR Code as shown in the image below.whatsapp web If the process fails to works, go through again it as described above cos the process works pretty well. With that done, you will be automatically connected to the web platform of WhatsApp chat.

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Whatsapp web functions much better than the mobile as it avails you the opportunity to chat using your laptop keyboard, you can now share those files, photos, videos on your laptop with friends and families without having to sync with any device.

You can now work and WhatsApp simultaneously, and all the features that are present on the mobile version are still present on the desktop version.

Hope it helped? If it does, share with friends and catch fun.