www.cineplex.com | Login Cineplex online

www.cineplex.com | Login Cineplex online

In Canada today, Scene is the only entertainment hub that has turned entertainment into a reward program.  Cineplex was able to achieve this when it ran a partnership with one of the leading banks in Canada today, Scotia bank.

With this partnership between Scotia bank and Cineplex Entertainment, movies lovers that are members of Cineplex can now get movie ticket each time they do financial transactions on their account.

This is turning financial traction to a ticket.

Any purchase made at the Cineplex Entertainment theater makes customers do everyday saving and open them for an award. So those purchase made at the theater actually leaves you with an exclusive reward and opportunity for context.

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If you are having a Scotia bank account, you can link the SCENE membership to your SCENE Scotia card and get a rewarding point faster than you think.

Becoming a member can also earn you a free movie at Cineplex Entertainment theaters

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