Www.searfeedback.com – 500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey up for Grab

Www.searfeedback.com – 500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey up for Grab

Sears is popularly known for its dominance in retail merchandise. It has some relationships with ShopYourWay. ShopYourWay is widely known for a better social shopping experience that give users option of earning points and benefits in so many physical and digital formats using ShopYourWay.com.500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey

Sear currently runs more than 2000 store across the United States and Canada.

At Sear, customers are bound to get the best of apparel and automotive products and services, Home Merchandise and more. Sears always avail it client opportunity to shop online and request for credit card online as well. This great merchandise store is out to make life easier than you know.

How Sears.com works

The new Sear’s offer allow user to make purchase online, a pick them up in store. So sears ensure that for any product you buy, you get them in 5 minute at the store. Not just that, you gain additional $5 store coupon to do more shopping. So this is how you combine shopping in style online and in-store shopping using Sears for free.

In today’s business, we will be focusing on how you can earn 500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey without much huddle.

How to participate in the 500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey at www.searfeedback.com

You are free to visit the online place of sears for the survey online.

You can choose to use sweepstakes using mail on a plain 3 x 5 card. With a clear print, enter your name, age, full address, city, zip code, and your correct home phone number (not forgetting area code.)

Address it to Sears Customer Satisfaction Weekly Survey Sweepstakes, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, NY 14610.

The Step By Step Guide on How to earn 500,000 Point Sear Feedback Survey.

  1. Visit the official page for the feedback.
  2. Next, you will be demanded to key in the 12 digit sales check number print on your receipt.
  3. You will now need to enter the main survey by ticking the correct answer that reflects your observation on your visit to the sears store.
  4. You will be open to answering your reason for your survey answer and your rating.
  5. When you are done, click on ‘Submit’ button.
  6. The above answer will lead to the screen demanding for your contact information for the sweepstakes Reserved for $4,000 Sear Gift Card.