Yahoo Makes Available Contact Cards on Yahoo Mail

 Yahoo Makes Available Contact Cards on Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Inc made known the release of her latest feature ” contact cards ” that is able to help users access full details of their list of contacts by just hovering your mouse over the particular contact’s name in a message, or on the alternative when you are writing a mail to a certain contact.   The new Yahoo mail contact card is built to serve you with important information about contacts on your contact list at a glance. This information includes; photos, logos of organizations, phone numbers of contacts, job title, as well as links to the contacts’ social media address and pages like their  Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr links.

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So to make your experiences easy without having to start scout for details of your contacts, the feature will provide you with access to get details right readily on your inbox without having to scratch your head or leave the inbox just because you want to fix some vital information about your contact.

This great feature is driven by top-class tech giant Xobni Technology. Xobni contact cards for yahoo mail shows your Facebook and Flickr profile, but obeys your settings of the privacy policy. This feature gives you needed information of your contacts both old and new.

Let us say you at a time received phone number in a previous mail sent to you by a certain contact, each time you hover around the same contact name, the phone number, and other up-to-date information about the contact displays immediately. To make the process of getting these information simple, users are advised to sync their Yahoo mail account to Facebook through this simple steps

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How to link your Yahoo mail account to Facebook for Yahoo mail Contact Cards

  1. Simply check at the right-hand corner of your yahoo mail for gear and click on the gear,
  2. Click on the settings and the account.
  3. If you watch closely, you will see Facebook, then click connect to Facebook

Hope it helps? Thanks a lot for you time.