100 Doors 2 Puzzle Game – Download 100 Doors 2 For Android

100 Doors 2 is an adaptation of the famous 100 Doors Puzzle game. In this game, players are left with the option of solving out riddles to pull through.

Players are subjected to open a door which is the only way to get out of the room. So with this limited option, players are left with the option of guessing which item among the options can unlock the key. Each door comes with a single exit door with which player can exit the room.

More about 100 Doors 2

The game is designed to text players’ skill strategy and intellectual capacity. You need the combination of skill and intellectual strength to pull through and get out the room which is the only solution to get out the room and will the game.

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Levels and Stages of 100 Doors 2

Just as the name sounds, the game came with 100 doors which represent 100 stages that players will need to overcome to win the game.

So the duty of the player is to find a way of unlocking the door in order to get into another room.

The game is structured to start with the easy part, the more the player progresses, the more difficult the game becomes.

So players play the role of detective in this fun game.

There are lots of commands that the smart phone users must use to activate and facilitate movement. One of them is tilting of the Android phone to move the item. A simple tap and swipe is all that is needed to pick up and move the item to any other given space.

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So these riddles are program in a way that almost all the riddles requires a certain object in 100 Doors 2.

The fun part of it is that every single level in this game is assigned gift items. They are like ball or gift wrapped for the game winner. This item is adapted to any puzzle and player will need high intellectual and calculations to check out each room for another.

The game is real intrigue and engaging. It comes with regular updating, enhancement, and item. 100 Doors 2 comes with high-quality graphics and the download remains free.

Download 100 Doors 2

To download 100 Doors 2, click here.