How to import iTunes Playlists in Windows 10 Groove Music

How to import iTunes Playlists in Windows 10 Groove Music

Groove music is the latest in the world of multimedia players around. It was shipped by windows 10 to serve an official media player for the latest window.

Groove music came with the functionalities of all other media players put together. Some of those functions cover streaming platforms, music store audio player and more. So when next you think of a media player that you can access online audio streaming services with, think of Groove Music.

The building of music library on your PC, the ability to import iTunes music playlist to Groove Music and more are what we will be beaming our light on in this article.

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So if your intention is to import your iTunes playlist to your newly installed windows 10 music player, this article is at best to give you an easy walkthrough.

How to Import iTunes Playlists into windows 10 Groove Music.

To get this done, your iTunes need to be adjusted to the ‘share library file’ option.

As we know before now, the Library file on iTunes is hidden by default, so if your intention is to share the folder, you will need to simply enable share iTunes XML with other applications using the iTunes advances preferences.

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Process of importing iTunes in Music Groove in windows 10.

To get this done, open the Groove-Music app and look out for Menu, then click it > Settings. Move all the way to ‘Music on this PC’ area, click on ‘Import iTunes Playlist’ > Import

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