5 Gmail For Android Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind. Check It Out

5 Gmail For Android Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind. Check It Out

Gmail For android is presently setting the pace and narrowing down the differences between using your web inbox and the android mailbox with the introduction of the new search better, ability to delete messages right from notifications, how users can prevent accidental deletions, and more.

You can be using Gmail for Android without knowing all of these time-saving tips that are available for your own uses. In this tutorial, we are going to give you the walkthrough on how you can save more time and get more from Gmail for android.

I am glad to announce that Gmail for android is making life much easier for users with the introduction of these inbox message magic which I am going to show you were and how to get them done. These tweak ant tricks will help you master you inbox from android the more.

List of 5 Gmail For Android Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Gmail for Android adds non-Gmail accounts.

Gmail users can successfully add other email accounts to their Gmail. Originally, Gmail inbox is built to house sorely Gmail messages sent to that account. This time around, users can add up emails from other webmail service and view them in a single “All Inbox” provided by Gmail.  This allows users to add up accounts from Yahoo mail, Hotmail, GMX, Rediffmail, Yandex mail and more.

How to Add up Other emails client.

  • With your Gmail for android, swipe left in the Gmail app so you can open the menu
  • By a mere tap, tap the down arrow next to your name in the inbox
  • Tap Add account > Personal (IMAP/POP), then follow the default onscreen guide to complete the process.
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With that done (adding up all the other webmail account), this will automatically display the

“All inboxes” option added to the menu.

This All Inbox contains all the messages from the various mail accounts on a single stream.

How You Can Narrow your search To Save Time with advanced operators

IN the area of search, Gmail does it best. This search ability can be stretched when you use the search function. Then you can as well take the search to the next level when you use the advanced search operators. You search turns magical when you use these symbols which do perform distinct actions that help bring home your messages quickly.

This is done by mere typing of the operators in the search bar along with your search terms.

Let us say your are searching for a mail from your friend Chris, you’d use the “from” operator and type from:Chris.  Or if you want to check for a chat from same Chris, you’d type is:chat:Chris. And the message will just jump out to your home screen.

Is not just that two, Gmail has other advanced search operators for searching by priority, date, filename, and more. Click here to get the comprehensive list.

 How you can now toggle default actions for managing email from notifications.

How to manage Your email from notifications.

It is no more a rule to manage your email from inbox as Gmail for android now allows you control your emails from notification standpoint.

Some options for managing messages right from notifications Standpoint are: archive and delete.

By convention, when you take a swipe on an email notification, the message moves straight to archive.

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This time, you can choose from the options which action to implement each time you swipe. You can actually choose delete instead of archive.

To get this done:

  • Go to Settings from the menu, tap General settings > Gmail default action > Delete. With this, each mail you swipe gets deleted immediately. To can at any point in time choose to reverse this same action to archive.

Preview more of an email message.

Gmails shows profile image message sender of each email. When there is no photo this space is filled with the bold first initial of the sender in a colored box.

This time, doing away with these images could serve you better as it will improve the aesthetics of your inbox—it which will let you preview better your message before you open it.

To get this done;

  • Take a tap on your Settings > Look up to General Settings and uncheck “Sender image.”

Confirm before you delete Your Email.

In the cause of getting much done, we inadvertently deleted that important message. Though we can recover them from the trash, but Gmail has now made it easy to stop the mistake in the first place with the introduction of Gmail’s action confirmations.

What is the essence of doing what you will later regret when you can prevent it? Gmail now enable users to use the fail-safes prompt to confirm before they delete, archive, or send a message across.

To get this done,

  • From the menu, simply tap Settings button > Using the General settings, scroll to the bottom to enable which you want to be run as your default action.