Gmail for Android: Simple way to clear your search History

Gmail for Android: Simple way to clear your search History.

Gmail is the most Use email service in the world with over 1billion users worldwide. The mail service is ran and managed by online giant, Google.Gmail for Android

This mail service has both the web and app options.

Today we will be looking close into Gmail for Android and how users can clear search history. If you are an android user, this article is for you.

How to Clear Search History on Gmail for Android OS.

To get this down?

  1. Launch the Gmail app on your device.
  2. When the app is up and running, click on the Menu button and look out for the settings.
  3. Tap the ‘General Settings’ then
  4. Tap again on the Menu button, and then you will see the clear search history.
  5. Tap on clear to clear all the existing history.
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Hope it helped?