Amazon Instant Video | Amazon Prime Instant Video Using Amazon Prime

Amazon Instant Video | Amazon Prime Instant Video Using Amazon Prime: When you are looking for that instant TV streaming site with balance content and robust library, you don’t need to look any further as Amazon instant video is here to serve you.

Just like Netflix and Hulu Plus, users of Amazon Prime Instant Video are given one of the best streaming features, most advance help and support that stands out.

Amazon Instant Video comes with unique yearly subscription package (Amazon prime). This plan allows users to pay for a one year service for Amazon Instant Video. It is meant to enable them stay focus to other areas of their life.

Amazon Instant Video remains the only online streaming TV services that offer a one year plan to its users.

If you cannot go for the annual plan, you can opt for the pay-per-view payment option which allows you users to pay for what they can watch; just that it requires a monthly membership to do that.

Each user that opted for the yearly plan is entitled to a bait of free shipping service and users can watch TV shows at their convenient time.

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With the rate Amazon Instant Video has gone so far to garnering exclusives, it stands ahead of its rivals when it comes to those kinds of shows.

It became the first only free internet TV to stream season of “Justified””Tosh.o” and more. It entered in to bring kids exclusive “Nickelodeon” online. Others are; Avatar, Dora the Explorer, the last air bender and more.

Devices you can use in Streaming Amazon Instant Video.

You can stream and download Amazon prime movies using any streaming device. Devices include; personal computers, Smart TV, Roku, PS3 game console, mobile and mobile device.

When viewing, you can go ahead and modify the look of your subtitles and other stuffs.

Searching content on Amazon Instant Video is easy to go by.

I personally use the service to get all new and classic TV titles and series. It comes with a large and robust viewing library coupled its unique features and support; the library is really a complete one.

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Streaming TV services has really been improved a great deal owning to the competitions within the system.

Using Amazon Instant Video, online TV users can watch full season series for free to a certain extent mostly when the series are still airing.

At other times, online TV users are made to pay $1.99 per episode to see latest movies up to date.

Must users of Amazon prime video prefer the yearly plan to cub and reduce shipping cost for them; incentive from the package. The only drawback is that they might stand a chance of missing out from selection of quality, free TV shows.

Pay per view users’ gain most when it comes to streaming and watching Amazon Instant Video Exclusives and original contents.

Help & Support From Amazon Instant Video

Evan if Hulu users are exposed to just email support, Amazon prime give phone calls and emailing support. The online help page can also go a long way in helping users fix those little technical issues that may arise.